How We Protect

We protect in real-time. If a message is harmful or contains harassment language, the message is not released on any social media platform.

My Social Standard is the only social media protection service that detects, prevents, alerts and educates. Once registered and your employee posts through a different system or the platform, you will get a text message alert that they bypassed the service.



Using our system when sending out social media messages provides a layer of protection to detect any harmful communication.



If the communication is not appropriate, the shield of protection does not permit the message to advance and be posted.



The user is notified in seconds if the message was posted or rejected. Rejected messages can be edited to re-transmit. If the rejected message was harmful (depression or suicide sentiments) employers are text messaged instantly.


Educates & Rewards

This system instantly educates and encourages positive digital communication. For every positive post, the user receives a token to redeem for gift cards.